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social media mARKETING opportunity in nigeria for your business

At Digmarto, we believe the ultimate aim of Social Media Marketing everywhere in the world including Nigeria is to drive conversion while building a loyal community and increasing brand awareness. 

However, the constant change in social media network algorithms now makes it harder for businesses to gain organic reach on social media. Gone are the days where you would post an update and expect it to reach all your followers.

How then do you get tangible results from social media efforts? That’s where paid social media marketing comes in.

If you want to deploy Social Media to achieve your business goals, you need to view it as an advertising channel. With 30.9 million active social media users in Nigeria as at 2019, the biggest opportunity here lies in highly-targeted, optimized paid social marketing and promotion. In the same vein, it has been estimated that the number of active social media users in Nigeria will surge to 32.4 million in 2020 and climb to 36.8 million come 2023.

In this ocean of marketing opportunities,what we do is bring into play our understanding of different Social Media Marketing techniques and trends to help your brand stand out across relevant social platforms, while keeping in focus your marketing goals. 

our approach to Exploiting social media marketing for you in Nigeria

As common in all our engagements, we define your audience, how they behave and the social platforms they hang out. We systematically identify influencers and opportunities within your niche, carry out social media audits that include Competitive Analysis, Current performance and Social listening. From there, we generate data that will feed into the overall social strategy and help in defining clear KPIs.

To achieve a viral marketing campaign and ensure a strong ROI for you, we deploy the latest tools and techniques across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Most importantly, we employ a scientific and data-driven approach to deliver consistent great ROI for our clients.


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