With amazing potentials to grow any business, anywhere, business owners would ignore the power of Online Marketing in Nigeria at their peril.

The business community across the world is driving growth with online marketing tactics and the horizon just keep expanding.
If you run a business in Nigeria or planning to start, this article is a must-read for you.

This guide will take you through what Online marketing is and how to leverage it to drive your business growth and profit.

One of the most brilliant marketing minds today with tons of results to show for it, Neil Patel, describe Online marketing as any effort to spread the word about your company that uses the internet to reach people.

In my view, it is any coordinated marketing efforts or activities carried out or executed over the internet to create awareness about your business to the general public.

Before the advent of Online marketing, small and medium-size businesses could hardly reach a wide target audience with their products or service.

You know why?

The cost of engaging the traditional marketing platforms like Print media, TV, billboards etc. was prohibitively expensive. That somehow made adequate marketing an exclusive of big businesses with a fat marketing budget.

Today, online marketing has changed all that for good. Not only that businesses of all sizes can afford online marketing, but they can also measure the reach of their campaigns as well as the rate of conversion.

In Nigeria, just like in other climes, Online marketing can help you achieve different business goals, ranging from creating widespread brand awareness, driving traffic (people) to your website to increase sales of your products or services.

Online marketing is the same as Internet marketing, or Digital marketing or Web marketing.  Let’s dive in to explore Online marketing in Nigeria deeply and see why every business must get on it.

Later in this post, I’ll touch on how to get the best results from your online marketing efforts in Nigeria.

Just keep reading!


Online marketing in Nigeria is an ocean of opportunity. For successful navigation, you need to know the major types or sub-categories that exist and how to exploit them.



This is a process of optimizing a web page in order to ensure it comes up in search engine and get ranked organically when people search for certain keywords present on the page.


A search query for keywords “dog food recipe” in Google displayed the above result. The sites that ranked #1, #2, #3 shown in that page secured that positions through calculated SEO efforts.

Every business with a website needs SEO. The reason is obvious:

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.  

Listen to this, if you have a new website or planning to have one for your business, SEO should be an integral part of the site from the outset and not an afterthought.

If you do this, you are off to a great start in your online marketing effort in Nigeria.

A quick one to note, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that plays a pivotal role in the growth and long-term success of your business.

It’s not some quick-fix marketing technique that you can buy off the shelve.

So be wary of SEO companies or SEO consultants in Nigeria who will promise to get your business on Google first page by this time tomorrow.



Can be described as marketing efforts designed to help show your business to search engine users searching for information, products or services online.  

It’s a marketing practice that uses paid advertisements that appear on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to promote your business.

Using SEM to promote your business entails placing a bid for keywords that are relevant to your business and the ones that your target customers are likely to use when searching for your products or services.

These keywords are the search queries people type into the search engine when looking for products or services. Knowing the right keywords to target and bid for makes your ad show up when people search for what you do.

Search Engine Marketing is a viable online marketing strategy every business should explore in order to grow and increase sales. This is because it offers you unique opportunity to put your ads right in front of people who are already searching to buy.

A vital part of Search Engine Marketing is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

One interesting thing about this SEM or Pay-Per-Click advertising is that you only pay when people click on your ads.

Please note that winning in SEM involves the following:

  • Choosing and bidding for the right keywords. This you can achieve by doing Keyword research to see where the opportunities lie. There are a couple of Keyword research tools that can help you in this regard. Some are completely free while some are paid. You can start with these: WordStream Keyword Tool, Keyword Sheeter, Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest and many others
  • Creating an enticing ad. After choosing the right keywords, you must create a compelling ad. How good your ad is will determine if you will ever get a click on it. But how do I create a good ad, you may want to ask? No worries!

WordStream Smart Ads Creator  can help you create effective and great looking ads for FREE.

According to Search Engine Marketing Statistics, 63% of users will likely click on a paid search ad on Google.



There is a saying in the marketing world that “Content is King”. This saying has remained all-time valid because of the power of Content marketing in driving business goals.

Content is the present and future of marketing. It’s the heartbeat of online marketing.

Content marketing is about building a relationship with your target audience and establishing your business as an authority in a focus area.

According to Content Marketing Institute, Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

Now that you have an idea of what content marketing is.

A word of caution here:

“Your content should focus on how you can genuinely help your audience and not tricking them into buying your products or services”.

90% of B2B content marketers prioritize their audience’s needs over their sales message when creating content.

Think of content marketing as a sort of “nice guy” marketing.

So, how does content marketing help your business after spending your time and resources to provide quality information to your audience?

When you have a content on your site that answers a particular bugging questions people are asking, the search engine will reward you by directing traffic to your site.

The more people find the answers you provide in the content helpful the more they will link to your site and consequently more visibility and traffic for you.

Businesses of different sizes have used Content marketing to achieve the following goals in recent time: 

  • Generate sales or revenue
  • Build a subscribed audience
  • Support the launch of a new product
  • Build loyalty with existing clients or customers
  • Generate demand/leads
  • Build credibility/trust
  • Educate the audience
  • Create brand awareness.

How To Get started With Content Marketing In Nigeria?

The following are 5 actionable steps to get started with content marketing in Nigeria:

  • Create a blog on your website.
  • Research what questions your target audience are looking for answers to. Tools like Google Trends, AnswerThePublic, Semrush, Soovle, Ubersuggest and others can be of great help here.
  • Study materials online and offline from reputable sources that answer the question.
  • Create an original post that answer the question, add quality images to the post (with Alt text) and push it online.
  • Be consistent.

Types of Contents You Need To Know

Contents are of different types. The following are among the different types you can use in your marketing.

  • Article
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Case Studies
  • E-books
  • Photos
  • Interviews
  • White Papers etc.

Choose any of the contents you feel comfortable with and that resonate with your audience.



I guess this sound very familiar to you? 

It should, actually but there is a lot more to it if you want to drive your marketing goals with it.

As a way of conceptualizing it, Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms like facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. to promote your goods or services.

It involves creating and consistently sharing contents on the social networks in order to achieve your marketing goals.

Through Social media, you can create brand awareness, drive traffic to site, build a relationship and constantly communicate with loyal customers.

Social media has evolved over the years, and so is the marketing part of it.

Social media marketing is such a powerful and amazing method businesses of all sizes use to reach prospects and connect with existing customers.

Frankly speaking, I now see Social media as more of an advertising platform than a social network where you just create a post and expect it to reach everyone.

The constant change in the social algorithms now favour paid advertisers on the platform more than ever. To me, this is more business-like.

To drive audience engagement on social media, you must understand what works on each of the different platforms.

Visuals and videos drive the most engagement on Instagram, for instance, while YouTube is specifically meant for videos.

The type of business you do and knowledge of where your target audience hangs out on the social network, should determine which platforms to stick to.

Before you can get the best from social media, you need to highlight specific goal(s) you are looking to achieve from it. This will serve as a map, guiding you in the journey and also inform your choice of strategy.

With 3.5 billion social media users and 73% of marketers who believe social media marketing has been somewhat effective or very effective for their business, you can undoubtedly leverage it to grow your business. 

But remember, looking for free organic reach on social platforms to achieve your marketing goals may be frustrating.



This is a marketing practice in which an affiliate (or publisher or partner) earns a certain percentage of a company’s sales revenue as commission for promoting and selling the company’s products or services.

This is quite straight forward. Isn’t it?

The model is such that allows the merchant, the creator of the product or service share its revenue with a partner who helps secure a sale for its product.

As a business in Nigeria, you can leverage affiliate marketing system to fuel your marketing. All you need do is create a product or service, get the words out to recruit affiliates to promote the product and pay them a commission on every sale they made for you. Deal done!

The fact that affiliate marketing is performance-based and it costs very little to execute, makes it a good marketing strategy for businesses to deploy regardless of their size.

81% of brands rely on affiliate programs.

If you are considering using affiliate marketing to drive your business in Nigeria, here are few of the finest within and outside Nigeria you can study to build your own:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • Fiverr Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Aliexpress Affiliate Program
  • Grammarly Affiliate Program

The 3 Parties Involved In An Affiliate Marketing Process you should know

  • The Seller or the company producing the product or services
  • The affiliate (Partner or Publisher)
  • The Buyer (Consumer)




This is one of the oldest yet most effective forms of Online marketing. It has not stopped working. As long as people still use email, email marketing will continue to be a potent weapon in the arsenal of savvy marketers.

A look at this stat may prove to you how powerful email marketing is, as an online marketing strategy:

So, what is email marketing?

In a simple term, email marketing is the use of email to promote your goods or services to your target audience. Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies in Nigeria any business can use.

This is why it is ideal for small businesses. And I would advise every small business to get on it.

In few seconds, I’ll show you how to do it and where to get free tools that will help you. Just hang on with me!

How To Do Email Marketing In Nigeria

Build Your List. The first step in email marketing is building a list. This list would consist of active email addresses of your potential or existing customers or clients.

A word of caution: Please, don’t buy an email list! It may look like the easy way out, but I can tell you it holds more harms than good. Resist the temptation as it won’t do your business any good.

So, how do I gather people’s email addresses, you want to ask? I’ll show you how.

Now, whether you have a website or a physical shop or office you can collect emails honourably. On your website, you can develop a lead magnet.

What’s a lead magnet? A free valuable offer like eBooks, shopping discount coupon, free access to a paid service etc. you are ready to give out to people in exchange for their emails.

The image below will give you a clear idea of what I’m saying.



A Free tool like HelloBar, can help you build similar thing on your website. The set up is quite easy and straight forward.

With this, people would willingly surrender their email addresses to you. You would also let them know that they will be receiving emails from you on promotional offers and sales from time to time.

In a physical location, you can do same. But this time you may have to open a register to collect that, after informing them of the reason you are asking for it and what’s in it for them. Just do it professionally.

Choose An Appropriate Email Marketing Service. When it comes to email marketing tools, MailChimp is one of the most popular tools in the world you can find. It’s just a perfect tool for small businesses to do email marketing.

When you have built your list, get a free account on Mail Chimp, plug in the emails and let MailChimp get you started on email marketing.

Send out messages to those on your list at least once a week updating them on happenings in your business. If you have a blog, let them know each time you drop a fresh content. This will keep your relationship fresh and green.

You can use newsletter, Videos or Podcast to reach out to your subscribers.  

Optimize Your Email For Mobile. 49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. To ensure your emails are optimized, choose a responsive template from your email marketing service provider. You will also do well to choose a button for call to action (CTA) over a link.

How To Get The Best From Online Marketing In Nigeria

Getting results from any endeavor requires a level of know-how. So it is with getting result in Online marketing in Nigeria as well.

Online marketing is competitive as well as vast. You must be properly guided and know what you are doing if you must succeed at it.

“Nigerian Factor” notwithstanding Online marketing in Nigeria works well if done right.

The very first thing you must do is to:

Set A Clear Goal. Online marketing can be overwhelming and may amount to sheer waste of time if you don’t set a clear goal. Having a goal to achieve will inform what strategy to adopt.

For instance, a brand-new business with a beautiful website to match looking to explore online marketing can kick start its online journey by setting a goal of Creating Brand Awareness.

An existing business, on the other hand can do more with online marketing by setting a goal like Generating Leads or Increasing Conversion.

Develop A Strategy. Without a sound strategy, you wouldn’t be effective in online marketing. An online marketing strategy keeps your focus on only what matters to your marketing goals and guide you to achieve them.

Whether you have a fat marketing purse or you are on a shoestring budget, lack of strategy will drain out your resources faster than you can imagine with no commensurate result to show for it. 

And developing a strategy requires a plan. Developing an online marketing strategy involves defining your target audience’s persona.

Audience persona is the rough profile of the target audience; their age, location, social status, profession, gender, lifestyle etc.

With your audience persona in place, you would have an idea of the kind of content that resonates with them, where they possibly hang out online and how to engage with them on all front.

Execute Your Strategy. Having a strategy is not as important as executing the strategy to the letter. Executing online marketing strategy requires courage, dedication and consistency.

If you took your time to develop a strategy, then you should follow it through.

Strategies are not cast in stones; they can be modified as you go to reflect the current trends. 

How do I learn Online Marketing In Nigeria?

There are tons of free resources and courses on the internet that can teach you online marketing. Resources like FacebookBlueprint, HubSpot Academy, Semrush Academy, Google skillshop…etc.

Above all, the best way to learn online marketing is by practising online marketing.

What do I mean?

No matter how much you learn from the online marketing sites and resources I listed above, if you don’t step out to put what you’ve learnt to work you wouldn’t know how those things work in reality.

To get started, you can set up your own site or a WordPress blog. Then, try your hands-on writing contents, promoting it and practising every other areas of online marketing.

Get on Social media platforms and observe the type of content/post that drives large audience engagement. That will give you an idea of what works best on each platform. Then, go ahead and copy such kind of post on your channel too. Before you know it, you would get into some advanced parts of online marketing.

Lest I forget to mention this, subscribing to marketing sites updates would greatly increase your online marketing knowledge. Marketing changes every day. And what makes a savvy online marketer is the ability to keep up with the trends.  


Doing Online marketing successfully in Nigeria is easy.

All it needs is a give-it-all-your-best approach. You won’t know how much and how fast you can grow your business with online marketing in Nigeria until you are committed to it.

Everything I’ve discussed above is simple enough to get any one started doing online marketing in Nigeria. Subsequent posts on this blog will provide deeper insights on Online marketing tactics and how anyone running any type of business in Nigeria can take full advantage of it to scale.

If you are already using Online Marketing in Nigeria to drive your business, you can share with us which part of it you have used and what results you have obtained. Please feel free to comment below.


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